Yoel Levy Awarded with Employee of the Quarter

To say that Yoel Levy is “accomplished,” is an understatement. With a fascinating background that’s taken him to every corner of the world, Levy has achieved immeasurable success both out in the field and inside the classroom.

Now Levy, an Assistant Professor in the Basic Sciences Department, can add “Employee of the Quarter” to his extensive resume after he was presented with Touro University’s prestigious honor in late January.

Levy and his family moved from Mexico City to the United States when he was only 7-years-old. As a native Spanish speaker, he grew up having to learn English in an unfamiliar country. He would grow up to lead a life that’s taken him to six continents.

Levy grew up in San Diego and eventually completed his undergrad studies at UC Santa Barbara. Shortly after, he went to work as a lifeguard at an exclusive resort on the small island of Saipan located approximately 120 miles north of Guam.

After doing some extensive traveling, Levy completed his Master’s degree in biomechanics from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. In 2005, he was asked to join the Anatomy Department at the new Touro University Nevada. For a brief overlap, he worked as a student and professor at the same time, picking up on different techniques that he eventually incorporated into his own teaching methods.

“Being a student, you see things totally differently because you’re seeing different teaching styles,” he said. “It helped me tremendously when I started lecturing again.”

When he was young, his family instilled within him his passion for education. Naturally, he felt right at home when he joined the Touro faculty more than a decade ago.

He currently serves as the director of the PA Anatomy course and assists with the DO Anatomy course as well. He also helps with PA student rotations, including their most recent two-week excursion to Guatemala. When he’s not at Touro, he can be found working inside the emergency rooms for the HCA hospital system.

For the last decade, he’s worked with plenty of his own students inside the emergency rooms. Teaching them has brought him great satisfaction, one of the reasons he enjoys coming to work every day.

“I want to come in and be a positive influence,” Levy said. “If you’re having a good day, it makes people around you have a good day.”

He said winning Employee of the Quarter was a “humbling” experience, though the most rewarding part of his job is watching his students grow. He’s also amazed at how far he’s come within his own career, which is why winning the award was so gratifying.

“I had never been at a loss for words until they told me I was the Employee of the Quarter,” Levy recalled. “When I had time to digest what had happened, I was able to look back and see all I’ve been able to accomplish since I’ve been here. I couldn’t have done it without everyone who’s supported me along the way.”

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