Touro University Nevada Re-Opens Campus for Lab Work as Part of the ‘Roadmap to the New Normal’

Touro University Nevada took the next step to re-opening its campus on July 13 as it entered Phase 2 of the “Roadmap to the New Normal.”

In order to re-open safely, the university is taking comprehensive steps to protect everyone’s health and safety. These steps include reducing the overall density of people on campus by conducting didactic courses online and encouraging telecommuting when possible to reduce everyone’s time on campus. All activities on campus must be approved and pre-scheduled.

When on-campus presence is required, such as for hands-on lab classes or research activities, the use of campus facilities are carefully scheduled to support social distancing when possible. Spaces in use will undergo frequent and regular deep cleaning, including the cleaning of surfaces and touchpoints.

Everyone who enters campus is screened for health status; and a controlled badge access procedure will document numbers on campus at one time. Health and safety protocols will be required while on campus, including self-monitoring of health, required wearing of masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing,  and keeping seating and workstations separated where possible.

The university created instructional videos for students, employees, and patients to show the proper procedures everyone must go through when coming to campus. Students can still return to campus to study, though each study session must be pre-scheduled and each student must go through a screening before entering campus.

“By taking these important steps to keep everyone safe, our students will be able to complete their lab work and get the hands-on experience that will make them excellent physicians and healthcare providers,” said Shelley Berkley, CEO & Senior Provost of Touro University Nevada. “As we move forward with our ‘Roadmap to the New Normal,’ we will continue to carefully monitor the situation and take the necessary steps to keep everyone on campus safe and healthy.”