Touro University Nevada Extends Partnership With City National Bank

Touro University Nevada is expanding its partnership with City National Bank as both parties work together to provide quality benefits for students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The collaborative partnership began when City National Bank became the first donor at the university’s inaugural gala in 2013. In addition to providing a $10,000 sponsorship toward student scholarships, Russell Goldsmith, CEO/President of City National Bank, served as the gala’s first keynote speaker.

“That was the beginning of this wonderful friendship we’ve developed over the last several years,” said Schyler Richards, Touro University Nevada’s Vice President of Advancement. “Aside from City National Bank being a donor, they’ve provided tremendous benefits to our campus community.”

According to Richards, City National Bank provided the university with its first ATM machine, located inside the atrium. The bank also created the Touro ‘PERKS’ package, incentives offered exclusively to members of the Touro community.

Each ‘PERKS’ package is customized for students, staff, faculty, executive administration and alumni. Touro students who open an account with City National Bank have access to free checking, savings, online banking and ATM services.

Faculty, staff, executive administration and alumni are offered free financial advice from City National Bank representatives, which include subjects pertaining to retirement savings, investment planning, portfolio review, mortgage rates and more.

According to Paul Stowell, Senior Vice President and Chief Market Strategist for City National Bank, Touro University alumni who live as far away as Florida and New York have already taken advantage of the ‘PERKS’ program as they begin to grow their financial portfolio.

With free banking readily available to them, Stowell is hopeful that Touro students will take advantage of what City National Bank is offering them.

“These students are spending a ton of money on medical education, and they can benefit from this program. We want them to benefit from this program,” he said.

Establishing relationships with Touro students will also help the partnership grow, Stowell added. City National Bank has contributed more than $40,000 toward Touro University student scholarships over the last few years, and Stowell recently joined the university’s Advisory Board to help Touro expand its community partnerships.

According to Stowell, City National Bank employs healthcare-certified bankers who understand the needs of the industry. Being able to understand their clients’ profession is critical, he added, something very few banks specialize in.

“This is a long-term relationship that we are hoping to grow from Day One when they first become students,” Stowell said. “As Touro students become successful healthcare professionals, they’re going to need more financial guidance. We want to be that trusted financial advisor for them as they build that value throughout the next 40 years.”

As part of the extended partnership, Touro University Nevada is also in the process of transferring all of its accounts to City National Bank. Richards said the partnership will be much more beneficial to the university in the long run.

“From the beginning, City National has really stepped up to be a true partner with Touro for our students, employees, alumni and our community.” she said. “They are deeply committed to continuing and expanding the ways they can partner with us. There’s more to come.”


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