Lisa Ross Honored With Prestigious Accreditation Certification

Lisa Ross has been with Touro University Nevada since the beginning, riding the waves of a brand-new school in the heart of the desert.

Since she started as the university’s first Registrar and Human Resources Director on Feb. 1, 2004, Ross has commanded an incredible knowledge of the curriculum intricacies at Touro. Never one to settle for “good enough,” Ross, who is now the accreditation specialist for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, was recently certified by the Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education, or TAGME.

The TAGME certification is a prestigious one as only approximately 1,100 members around the country are certified by the organization.

When it came to her accreditation knowledge, Ross was years ahead of the curve as she got a head start on the process back in 2011.

Currently, all of Touro’s GME partner programs are accredited through the AOA. In 2020, however, all partner programs will be accredited through the ACGME, which means Ross wanted to become certified before the transition was completed.

Knowing that the accreditation process would be changing, Ross began studying ACGME’s standards before Dr. John Dougherty, Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Touro University Nevada, approached her about becoming certified.

“It was a lot of dedication,” Ross said. “You need to assist the programs you work with so they can maintain their accreditation. The regulations change on almost an annual basis, and nearly all of our students who graduate go through graduate medical education.”

Ross spent months studying the ACGME accreditation process where she attended conferences, studied regulations, wrote applications for accreditation and assisted local partners.

She also took a 3.5-hour online exam and wrote a narrative exam on the ACGME requirements and policy procedures.

“Not everyone who works in the GME world is TAGME certified,” Ross said. “Becoming certified speaks to a certain command of the knowledge.”

Ross’s certification is a personal accomplishment and also raises the university’s profile in the eyes of the medical community.

“This is a tremendous honor for Lisa, who worked incredibly hard to earn her TAGME certification,” Dougherty said. “Lisa’s certification will help lead Touro into the future as our D.O. Graduate Medical Education programs transition into ACGME accreditation.”

“You want to make sure that when your trainees graduate, they’ve received an effective learning experience to take care of their patients,” she said. “Most trainees will work between 50-60 miles from where they completed their residency. One of our mottos has always been, ‘If you can train them, you can retain them.’”

Ross is grateful to have had the opportunity to expand her skillset while improving the profile of the university she’s called home for the last 13 years.

“It feels really good because I worked very hard and take my work very seriously,” she said. “Now, I can be more valuable to Touro and our graduate medical education partners in the community.”

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